I really enjoyed my experience with Ivy Admissions! Deeana was a great help, and she guided me in areas outside of just writing college essays. I started in the summer of my junior year, and Deeana helped me stay on track in my artificial intelligence internship and also helped me with my submission for the Congressional App Challenge. The Ivy Admissions team has many resources, and Deeana connected me with a team member who had previous experience with app design and coding.

Throughout the process, Deeana and her team edited and helped me outline my essays in a timely manner, and everything was organized on a google spreadsheet and google drive. The team is flexible, encouraging, and understanding of the points I want to give across in my essays. I liked having someone there to make sure I was on track with my college applications. Ivy Admissions helped me get into Carnegie Mellon and Berkeley computer science, two reach schools tied first place nationally for computer science. I was also accepted into UMich, UIUC, USC, and UT for computer science as well. Even after the college application process ends, Ivy Admissions offers assistance with scholarship applications as well, which is also very helpful. For what it’s worth, IvyAdmissions was a great assistance in guiding me throughout the college admissions process.

-Michelle L.