Deeana, my counselor, began our first session by spending hours in a call with me to understand my background and my goals, and from there laid out a detailed plan on what I had to do, beginning with finding a suitable summer internship. She presented me several options and aided me in writing the required essays, and I ended up being accepted at two experiences which led me on the path I am on today: the first as a researcher at the Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program and the other as a programming intern at Cisco Systems.

After my senior year began, Deeana worked with me week after week in perfecting my personal statement and UC essays, guiding me through how to attack the questions in a clear yet succinct manner and illuminating me to the minutiae that college admissions officers look out for. I was blown away by the detail that Ivy Admissions put into my application and the rapid response I was given to my questions, numerous as they were. I realized after the entire process that there is no substitute for a great college counselor, and you can find one here. I can say without a doubt that Deeana played a necessary part in my admissions successes, and I am proud to say that with her help I will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

-Anish S.