Our Services

We provide concierge services to guide students through their academic career and college admissions process with proven success.

Test Prep

We specialize in SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE prep. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all course, students will take a diagnostic test to identify strengths and weaknesses, and work with an Ivy Admissions consultant on a personalized plan to achieve their target score.

Undergraduate Admissions Consulting

From identifying the right schools for you, to crafting the perfect narrative, to submitting applications, Ivy Admissions uses our insider knowledge of college admissions to help students in all aspects of the application process. Our work is not complete until our students are admitted to one of their top three schools.

college admissions consultant

Graduate Admissions Consulting

Students applying to graduate programs receive aid with in-depth matching of programs, sculpting personal statements,  strategizing letters of recommendation, and GRE prep. We recognize the remarkable importance of students interfacing with faculty during the application process and provide tailored support for applicants.

college admissions consultant

Internship Placement

Internships are a crucial, yet often overlooked, piece of the admissions puzzle. Ivy Admissions is the only admissions firm that leverages partnerships with organizations around the country to place students in internships that give them the exact experiences needed to boost their applications.

Narrative Building & Essay Support

Crafting a narrative that incorporates a student’s most significant personal and professional experiences is a challenge that Ivy Admissions consultants are experts at conquering. Admissions essays go through multiple rounds of drafting and editing to ensure that students submit outstanding essays.

Academic Tutoring

We tutor all high school subjects including AP & IB curriculum. Our tutors are available to students 24/7, and work with students when THEY need them most. We help students build study and writing skills so that the impact of our sessions lasts well beyond their classes.

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