Ivy Admissions is unique because we go beyond mere test prep or essay revisions.  We manage the entire admissions process from finding the perfect schools to creating an application which fully reflects our students.  This holistic approach takes many more forms. We’ve done research about the optimal time to apply to each school, whether that is Early Action, Early Decision or Regular Decision.  We’re also committed to keeping everyone in the loop and on schedule during the admissions process. To this end, parents are sent a weekly email, updating them about their student’s deadlines and what they’ve accomplished thus far.  But perhaps our most singular and sought after service is managing your communications with colleges.

When a student is waitlisted, most of them just carry on and hope that they get off the waitlist.  A few entrepreneurial students will work even harder the following semester to boost their grades. The real secret is to send a letter to the college’s admissions office reiterating and reinforcing your desire to attend.  But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. To whom they should be addressed, when they should be written and how to delicately approach the topic are questions that we’ve already mulled over at length. We know how to express a student’s achievements since being waitlisted, whether that be improvements to their GPA or awards and honors won.  Another great way to bolster a student’s chances of being admitted off the waitlist is doing further research into the university and showing how one’s recent accomplishments further synergize with those of the school. College is about growth and showing serious, sustained reflection upon that growth can easily improve your odds. We’re also not afraid to think outside the box.  Maybe we won’t go as far as creating a full song and dance routine, but we’ll collaborate closely with our student to go above and beyond the competition.

Working with Ivy Admissions can also be an investment in your future.  Very few people know that you can leverage aid offers between schools to increase the packages’ sizes thus saving you thousands of dollars over the next four years.  However, doing so requires an institutional know-how in which few families have experience. Fortunately, Ivy Admissions has had rousing success in this department. We’ve managed to increase a student’s aid package from $10,000 to $25,000, saving them $60,000 over four years!  One of my most cherished memories is seeing the family’s beaming faces after we made their student’s college education that much more affordable.

Whether your student is trying to get into the upper echelons of the Ivies or their favorite state school, our support doesn’t end after they hit send; we’ll navigate you through differing aid packages and wait list policies.  No other college consulting companies have our depth of experience in every aspect of the admissions process. At Ivy Admissions, we won’t rest until your student has accepted their offer of admission at one of their top choice schools.