College Admissions Consultant

College Admissions Consultant

The first aspect of our college admissions consulting process is getting to know your student. We do this by first reviewing transcripts, extracurricular programs, honors, awards and outstanding talents. We then recommend ways to emphasize strengths, successes, and achievements. Finally, we create an ideal personal narrative and prioritize future action items to support that narrative.

We then create the perfect college list based on a variety of factors. Together, we will explore priorities including programs, location, size, and extracurricular opportunities. Ivy Admissions will leverage connections with admissions offices in order to identify special admission opportunities and unique programs. Ultimately, we will draft a list of schools that match needs, desires, and aspirations of your student.

Once this initial work is completed, our Ivy Admissions consultants will work with your student through the application process. This includes selecting suitable teachers to write letters of recommendation, deciding whether to apply for Early Decision or Early Action, and creating a timeline to manage deadlines and complete applications. The Ivy Admissions method takes the stress out of applications for your student.

Admissions help guide you in this process. Often, students applying to graduate school are already working and do not have the large amount of time that is necessary to apply competitively available due to their busy schedules. Ivy Admissions is able to help you whether you are interested in applying for your MBA, MD, JD, or other masters or PHD program.

We have specialized experience with Ivy League institutions at the graduate level. Whatever your program of interest, Ivy Admissions will work with your desired school lists to determine what kind of candidates each school is looking for. We will then work with you in order to tailor your application to ensure that you stand out among the crowd. With graduate school, it is also important to leverage connections with professors and alumni of the program. Ivy Admissions will take all the hassle out of identifying these contacts for you and will work to set up calls or in person interviews with a variety of associates of each school. Ivy Admissions is here to help you achieve your dreams- all we need to do is get started.