Ivy Admissions doesn’t only serve high schoolers, we’re also eager to help prospective graduate students apply for MBA, MD, JD, other masters or Ph.D. programs.  In many ways, this process is more daunting than your first round of college applications.  The applicant pool is stronger, there are fewer spots and you’re often working a full-time job on top of taking more standardized tests while writing essays.  We have specialized experience with Ivy League caliber institutions at the graduate level and know exactly what each school is looking for in a candidate. We’ll also help organize your busy schedule so that you’ll have time to both prepare your application and continue your career.  Our unparalleled test prep comes from world-class college consulting officers who have attended graduate programs such as Harvard Law School, Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and Tufts Medical School.

One of the most important parts of applying to grad school is leveraging connections with professors and alumni.  Unfortunately, this is a skill which is rarely stressed in your undergraduate education. Ivy Admissions will help take the stress out of applying by identifying key contacts and helping you draft correspondences with them and schedule phone calls or Skype sessions.  This is an essential part of the graduate school admissions process. You will receive valuable information about a school’s specializations, grant opportunities and in what direction any given program is heading. We can also identify alumni of your alma mater who currently attend your prospective grad schools.  These meetings are particularly valuable because they give you insight on a department’s culture and how it compares to your previous experiences.

The post-secondary admissions process is much less uniform than the one for undergrad, different schools can have vastly different requirements.  These differences can go down to individual programs within the same school. Staying on top of these requirements is one of the most taxing parts of applying and we’ll take the load off your shoulders.  Ivy Admissions has years of experience breaking applications apart so that they can be approached piecemeal rather than as a terrifying monolith.

We also provide research into what graduate programs are right for you.  This starts with us sitting down with you for a frank conversation about what you’re trying to get out of grad school and how we can make the experience as rewarding as possible.  Everyone wants something different; sometimes that’s a boost to earnings or the opportunity to do research. We’ll go beyond US News and World Reports rating system, discover what each school is truly like and how it aligns with your dreams.  We’re interested in developing a unique, working relationship with each of our graduate student clients. Whether you’re searching for a BFA in creative writing, an MBA in marketing or a Ph.D. in biopsychology, Ivy Admissions is ready for you!  Are you ready for Ivy Admissions?